3 creative concepts for a wedding party

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A limited budget is not an obstacle to holding a memorable wedding party, one of which is by carrying out several creative concepts. You can apply this concept to a number of knick-knacks that are used before and during the event.  Wedding villa Bali is a suitable place, especially for outdoor party lovers. Here’s a concept that you can try!

Unique Concept for Low Budget Weddings

1. Unique Wedding Invitation

Some people still wear conventional wedding invitations that are rectangular in shape. In terms of form, invitations like this are no longer the current trend and of course cost a lot of money. In addition, the invitations will later be discarded, so there is no need to choose materials or designs that are too expensive.

You can replace the conventional invitation with a more unique concept. One of them is choosing samson paper to be shaped like a price tag or clothing label to make it more unique. In addition to being unique, this form has not been used by many people and does not require large costs, so you can save more on expenses.

2. Outdoor parties

To rent a wedding building for several years is quite high. those of you who want to party in luxurious buildings, of course, have to prepare a larger fee. Therefore, many have turned to the Bali wedding villa by choosing the more affordable Villa The Surga. The cost for renting this villa is classified as not draining because the facilities are adequate.

You can use the villa as a place to stay for families who come, so you don’t need to pay more to rent hotels and buildings. Apart from that, the villa also provides an outdoor location that can be used as a wedding villa. The concept of open-air weddings is more affordable, especially if you carry a minimalist concept with limited invited guests.

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3. Uniform Rental or Make – Rent System

One of the budgets that inflated the cost of the wedding was a uniform for a large family. This is made worse when the bride and groom have quite a number of family members. This condition can be circumvented by renting uniforms so that costs are more affordable, but first it must be agreed upon by both parties.

If you don’t want to rent a uniform, you can use the second method to keep your clothes unique. The bride and groom can make the uniform according to their needs, but after the event is finished, it is handed over to the WO to be rented back. Choosing a party venue at this Bali wedding villa will still make your moment memorable because the clothes you wear are still unique.


Capturing special moments with your partner must be well planned so that they can be recorded as a memorable memory. One of them is by having the best party location according to your budget. You can use outdoor locations in Bali with villa venues, choose unique and affordable invitations, as well as a uniform rental system.

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