Benefit Of IEYC Sought Out By Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta

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A school will never use a particular curriculum without seeking out the benefit from it. In this case, the benefits or the advantages comes out as the learning and teaching outcomes.  But what are the exact advantages that the Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta looking for by integrating IEYC? Here is the answer to why this particular curriculum is used in the school.


The Benefits Of Integrating IEYC For The Students

1. Specifically Designed Curriculum

IEYC is an International early years curriculum that is specifically designed for younger students. Thus, you will find that many activities and each of its goal will match the students themselves. In the Global Sevilla itself, each of the programs will harbor different learning activities that match the students’ needs. For example, the toddler class where students learn basic skills.

On a higher level, in the pre-nursery program, students will be showered with numerous sensory fun learning, through art and craft activities. At the next program, the student will be expected to develop self-awareness and confidence. At kindergarten one preschool Jakarta, they will develop motor and personal abilities. Lastly, they will get advanced learning activities.

2. Students Got A Lot Of Personal Development

It might sound that the class is only fun and games, but in fact, it is more than that. The activities are chosen to match students’ needs and abilities.  That is why fun, engaging, and interactive process learning is provided. But it doesn’t mean they won’t learn anything. In this case, they need to know the basics.

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It is including the skill to be more independent, open, and working with other people. This personal skill is crucial for their future life. Craft, singing, art are used to develop student’s creative abilities. While in the higher degrees, the student will learn to solve problems and use their logic in the classroom.

3. tudents Are Prepared To Continue Into The Higher Level Of Study

The preschool Jakarta has calculated how much information and preparation one should have before advancing to the next level. In this case, IEYC helped students to explore and develop personal needs for the next grade. They can read, calculating, solve the problem, and many more, so they are ready for the higher level.

All in all, IEYC is one of the best curricula that are very suitable for children in their early ages. Ranging from 2 to 5 years old, the curriculum is designed specifically for children. Thus, students can get the most suitable learning activities while developing skills to advance into the next grade. All of them are given in a fun and interactive manner to engage children.

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